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The context why we exist in the first place!

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We are a group of passionate professionals scattered by locations but united by intent, dedicated to a mission to help entrepreneurs around the world, like you, to decode the visual identity of their Brand and to also ensure that the brand is strategically positioned and aligned with its visual identity to manifest the business goals it wants to achieve.

Why Strategic Branding is Primary and Significant for Stronghold in Market

There is no marketing process or function if the brand identity is not strategically aligned with the brand itself. Even the tone of voice and messaging through marketing is based on the foundation of the brand strategy. There are many nuances to how the brand is positioned is how it attracts the right audience. There are many occasions when the brand doesn’t perform well, when these aspects are not settled. It’s not always the marketing but the branding which is key to a business’s strong hold in the market.

Decoding Branding and Marketing

Marketing is more about promoting the brand, and there are numerous methods and ways that can be done nowadays, especially with the advent of AI in this age and with the explosion of information and courses explaining about marketing. 

But branding is the component which is overlooked or thought to be a part of the marketing process, hence a little importance is given to it, sometimes branding is misunderstood and constricted to logo design only. Actually logo design is just a part of branding, not all of it. There is a lot to do before a logo design and a lot to do after a logo in a branding process.

Our Solution to the Issue

We have also observed that there are many marketing agencies posing as branding agencies and many creative agencies posing the same. What happens is that the brand is based on the basis of marketing strategy and the type of logo design/web design it adopts. Which is quite the opposite approach, as the brand strategy, positioning, persona and expression should decide the marketing strategy, voice, messaging and the visual Brand Identity.

Our very purpose is to bridge this gap and resolve these issues. As it harms the brand equity and degrades the brand’s performance, even if the product or service is good.

Values and Beliefs We Commit

We believe in the human attitude while working on your project, what we mean by this is to be more like a human to you than sounding like a machine mechanically working for you. Treating your project not as just a deadline but as if a project of our own brand and thinking accordingly to act responsibly and to be committed as much as possible, this human angle is what we intend to achieve. 

We don’t believe in template works but more rely on work from scratch and personalising the project based on your preferences and needs as every project is unique at its core and while working on your Brand’s Strategy we try to bring out the ethos, emotions and the passion elements so that the brand easily connects with your target audience as obviously they are human and they respond more to emotions than anything else.

So, if you are looking for that extra effort, the human touch and a service that is fully passion driven to evolve your brand, ask us out!

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