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Website Design

Website is your Brand's Bestie!

Get a complete personalised website design that will illuminate your Brand to your target audience.

We design professional websites that are intricately crafted to gain attention, sow interest and engage with the audience, to help them connect with the very purpose for which the website was built for.

Our approach for website design services is always viewer/user/customer centric, but keeping your brand at the core.

Otherwise the market is full of other service providers who also provide the same service, but a few of them do it with passion and human attitude, and a very few website design agencies like us are ready to deep dive more to ensure that you have a big smile at the end with our budget friendly affordable website design services.

Branding and Web Design Case Studies

A Logo for a project named Alina Smith

Alina Smith

Alina Smith is an expert psychologist who wanted a rebranding and a website for her psychotherapy practice. The objective was to portray the abstract aspect of the mind.

Please check out the website and the brand identity kit and guideline below.

Logo of a Brand Identity portfolio and a website design project named Life beats

Life Beats

Life Beats is a Digital Medical Service Provider which operates with a chain of doctors and hospitals helping people with access to medical tourism with commission & brokerage free bookings and facilities.

A unique brand identity was essential for this brand but without digital element in the symbol as they wanted to portray life and health which is above all. Please checkout our approach below:

Logo of a website and branding portfolio named Richmann Law

Richmann Law FIrm

Richmann law firm wanted to go online for the first time but also wanted to rebrand their identity before they go online.

We incorporated their brand essence into their identity and crafted a professional website appointment booking functionalities helping them to reach a larger audience. Please checkout the brand identity and guideline kit along with the website.

Features and Benefits you get from our Website Design Services

All these features are discussed in brief, It depends on project to project basis for specific details.

1. Tailored UI Design & Personalized Themes: We create a unique user interface tailored to your brand and ensure three unique, customizable themes as per your requirements. Also our UI experts ensure that you have a modern custom website design to have an edge in the market.

2. User-Centric Navigation: We ensure intuitive, user-friendly navigation with a clear, hierarchical structure for ease of use.

3. Responsive & Mobile-First Design: Our designs ensure a seamless user experience across all devices, employing a mobile-first strategy for optimal performance.

4. Visual Aesthetics & Accessibility: We apply visual hierarchy principles, appropriate typography, colors, and adhere to WCAG 2.1 guidelines for an inclusive user experience.

5. Consistency & Visual Appeal: We maintain consistency in brand colors, typography, and design elements across all pages, integrating high-resolution images, animations, and transitions for an engaging user experience.

6. Performance Optimization: We implement design techniques and optimize all elements for speedy page loading and reduced bounce rates.

7. WordPress Configuration & Custom Functionality: We handle WordPress installation, configuration, and essential plugins setup. We develop custom features and functionality as needed.

8. Database Management & API Integrations: We manage the MySQL database for WordPress, optimize database queries, and integrate third-party APIs for additional functionality.

9. Security & Maintenance: We ensure your site’s security with regular updates and patches. Additionally, we offer ongoing technical support and website maintenance services.

10. Training & Support: We provide training on managing content via WordPress CMS, along with regular technical support and maintenance services.

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